Use of moving image on agency websites


I’ve recently been running some workshops for the Design Business Association on agency websites. As part of my preparation I trawled through a lot of sites and was struck by the huge move towards the use of moving image on design agency websites (as well as presentations).

I thought I’d share some interesting examples:

The following videos usually attempt to give a flavour of the agency and attempt to communicate generally positive messages about personality, style and approach. Some show work but others show very few examples.





Engine Creative

Code Computer Love

Rufus Leonard

All the above videos are big, bold and super confident. But take a look at these for a calmer approach

Checkland Kindleysides

JKR (‘JKR Explained’ section)

Radley Yeldar

Here’s a video that tells the story of a major project, as opposed to being all about the agency

Fig tree network

Or how about creating your own showreel?


There are some good and bad examples out there but moving image is certainly on the increase. There’s that element of ‘entertain me’ about videos that make it easy for potential clients to press for play. It’s an effective way of getting people to stay on your site. Of course, it can backfire. If the video fails to impress, then they will leave the website immediately. In other words, you’ve got to make it good because expectations are high.

Jonathan Kirk