Adrian Dent

After graduating from Cambridge University, Adrian began his career in advertising, working for agencies including Grey and Delaney Fletcher. He was responsible for planning the highly successful launch of Mars Ice Creams across Europe during a two-year stint in Paris, helped launch Chrysler Jeep into the UK and was part of the team which came up with the idea for Macleans Milk Teeth.

He also gained experience on the client side, managing a £4m advertising budget for Manweb, before establishing himself as a strategic marketing consultant in 1996.

Since then, Adrian has helped a wide variety of organisations with all different types of branding and marketing challenges. Research is an integral part of Adrian’s work and he is highly experienced in conducting research to unlock key strategic issues.


Up to the Light expertise:

Up to the Light’s Client Survey was a really valuable exercise conducted in a professional and sensitive way. The interview style and question set was excellent at extracting the richest, most useful feedback. Claire Callaway, Managing Director, Checkland Kindleysides
  • Client surveys
  • Business development strategy
  • Business differentiation
  • Pitching
  • Brand strategy
  • Training & workshops