Why does ‘About Us’ have to be so dull?


Let’s be honest, the ‘About Us’ part of the agency presentation, pitch or website is rarely one to get a client’s heart racing. Frankly, it’s usually the point at which the client tends to glaze over or is struck by how similar it is to three other agencies they’ve just seen. That may seem a little harsh but th.. >>

Exploding some new business myths


There are some ingrained ideas about how design agencies go about developing business. DBA Expert Jonathan Kirk demonstrates why many of these are rather tired and deserve to be challenged by sharing a few examples: ‘Send them a case study’ A new website allows customers to research a car, col.. >>

Where does ‘strategy’ fit?


Are you a design consultancy that tends to give away strategic thinking? If so, you are not alone. The design industry has always been rather good at this. Agencies tend to place an understandably high value on creative design work but are often unclear about how to frame the strategic offer. You may be nervous abo.. >>

How to get on the pitch shortlist


We have become used to clients having a so-called ‘success criteria’ in pitches where agencies are given scores for different categories such as ‘brand understanding’, ‘creativity’ or ‘confidence in the team.’This tick-box, pseudo-scientific approach to assessing agency p.. >>

Unify your new business effort. Don’t polarise


‘I’m not comfortable getting on the phone’ is often a justification for limited involvement in new business. Apart from being a simplistic view of what new business entails, it’s a coded way of saying ‘I’m just not that type – confident, hard skinned, able to cope with rejectio.. >>

Bulk mailings aren’t pushing the envelope


Clients in the UK are spoilt for choice. There are a lot of good design consultancies, all producing great work, but this leads to a problem. In this environment, having the right plan for developing new business is imperative. How you differentiate your consultancy, how you target your prospects and how you g.. >>

Play the loyalty card to win faith of your clients


Clients are less loyal than they have ever been. With so many good consultancies beating a path to their door, there is the continual temptation to put a project out to pitch, or to give another group a chance, rather than simply brief the same consultancy that did a good job last time. For nervous clients, staying loy.. >>

The Pitch’ chapter in new book


Jonathan Kirk has contributed a chapter for a new book, ‘How to Run a Successful Design Business’. The chapter is called ‘The Pitch’ and provides pointers for how agencies can increase their pitch conversion rates. The book is by Shan Preddy and includes contributions from many design experts. T.. >>

Top 10 Tips… Making your Website Work Harder for New Business


Iʼm continually advising agencies on their point of difference, new business strategy and approach to pitching. I also interview hundreds of clients about their relationships with agencies. If you are thinking about re-addressing your website, then you might find the following 10 tips handy: 1. Brand positioning fi.. >>

What’s working in new business?


New business is not getting any easier. Clients are besieged by agencies so how can you get more cut through? What’s really working at the moment? Here are a few handy tips: Be firstThere is a huge benefit in being the first to make contact. The next time you have a really good trade press lead, don&.. >>

Develop a unique offer to make a mark with clients.


David Bicknell’s views on rosters sound a little like sour grapes (Letters DW 16 June). Rosters all too often are driven more by motivations to cut costs rather than a true search for the best design talent. But that said, do we really want to return to a cosy world where the marketing director is chums with .. >>

Beating the recession


When times are tough we naturally tend to redouble our efforts. Our fighting spirit comes to the fore. However, it’s important to be aware of how and where to redouble your efforts, otherwise you could be wasting a lot of time and money. Here are a few points to remember: Win client ‘commitmen.. >>