Training & workshops

Up to the Light conducts training courses and workshops for agencies, professional services firms and trade associations on behalf of their members. We offer a series of half or full day training sessions and workshops. The principal modules are:

Client Development Workshop

You have a 60-70% chance of success selling to current clients, 40% chance to lapsed and 5-20% to new. So why is it that so much energy tends to be expended on the hard graft of cold new business at the expense of a structured approach to client development?

Effective client development is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. This workshop shows you how to embed client development as a consistent part of your approach, rather than an ad hoc activity reliant on the time of a few key individuals. It gives you workable models and processes, as well as lots of useful tips.

Workshop content

  • The difference that effective client development can make
  • Different types of client development activity
  • Different strategies for different client levels
  • How to structure and organise your client development
  • Selling without appearing to sell – practical tips and techniques

  • Winning Pitches Workshop

    With so much time, money and effort involved, it’s vital to ensure that your pitches are as sharp as possible. This workshop draws upon hundreds of interviews with clients about why pitches are won and lost, as well as the many pitches that Up to the Light sees and advises upon.

    The ‘Winning Pitches’ workshop examines 10 effective ways to win. The workshop is packed with practical tips and ideas.

    Workshop content:

  • How to pitch in 10 key stages
  • A client’s perspective – drawing up the shortlist, pitch processes and evaluation, what clients look for, where pitches succeed and fail
  • How to get pre-pitch advantage
  • How pitches are changing and expectations are increasing
  • Ways to win – practical tips and techniques, do’s and don’ts

  • Presentation Skills

    Who is this course suitable for?

    New business and client services staff involved in client presentations

    Key learning:

  • Preparation stages
  • Understanding the audience
  • Techniques to improve confidence
  • Controlling body language
  • Pace and styles of delivery
  • Practical performance critiquing

  • Negotiation Skills

    Who is this course suitable for?

    Anyone who is client facing and has a whole or partial responsibility for agreeing price

    Key learning:

  • Understanding clients – the role of procurement specialists and how they work with marketing departments
  • Proper preparation and setting of clear objectives
  • Negotiation ploys – classic negotiation errors, effective negotiation ploys
  • Persuasion techniques – a tool set of techniques, how to create value and not just focus on price

  • World Class Client Service

    Who is this course suitable for?

    Anyone involved in face to face client services

    Key learning:

  • Understanding what clients want
  • Negotiating and managing client expectations
  • How to build a partnership, not just a supplier relationship
  • Setting and maintaining consistent best practice
  • How to build a client’s business
  • Effective methods for auditing the relationship

  • These are not generic training courses. Care is taken to tailor every course to the company involved. There would usually be a pre-course meeting to understand your particular needs.

    The course content benefits from feedback from the hundreds of client interviews that Up to the Light conducts each year.

    Each course is highly practical, giving the participants knowledge and skills that they can apply the very next day.


    Up to the Light can:

    Jonathan has run a training seminar for us on pitching, supported and facilitated a client workshop on brand positioning. He is fun to work with, expert, effective and a valued collaborator. Mike Leahy, Partner, Leahy Brand Design
    • Understand your particular issues in
      order to deliver truly bespoke workshops and training courses
    • Include a strong client perspective
      gained from the hundreds of client interviews that we conduct
    • Provide attendees with new skills and
      ideas that can be put into action