Business development

Business development is so often a problematic area and opens up a minefield of questions: How ambitious are we and what are our aspirations? What resources do we need? Who might we need to
recruit? How can we get business development into our culture? How much scope is there for client development as opposed to colder new business? How can we approach client development in a more
structured, consistent way? What types of client and projects do we
want? How can we open doors more effectively? What are the best
ways to convert business? Are the website, presentations and
documents doing ourselves justice?

We can work with you to answer all these questions and more. Having the right strategy in place will save you time and money in the long run, ensuring that you are channelling resources in the most effective ways.

However, one thing is certain. Conventional approaches to new business are proving ineffective. Beauty parade mailers, tele-sales, predictable credentials presentations and case studies lacking real business context are all part of a ‘numbers game’, ‘keep hitting their desks’ formula that has become discredited.

We can help transform your new business approach from credentials-led to insight-led. That means talking to potential clients about the issues they want to know about. It means better targeting, more points of view and playing to your strengths in more imaginative ways. It’s more fun and, above all, more effective.


Up to the Light can:

Jonathan’s sensible approach to business development is borne out of his wide experience and knowledge of the market place, and his advice is both relevant and up to date. He helps put in place structures and processes that are strategic, appropriate and achievable while being respectful of the character and aims of the agency with which he is working. Julie Oxberry, Managing Director, Household
  • Devise a strategy for growth
  • Help you develop a focussed and effective approach to business development
  • Establish a structured and consistent approach to client development
  • Provide on-going advice and mentoring