Business Differentiation

Creating a real point of difference for your business is not easy. So much has been said before by others, it’s a crowded marketplace and, besides,
it’s difficult to look at your own business objectively. Also, the things we
do for ourselves can take a frustratingly long time.

Up to the Light enjoys a helicopter view of the agency and professional services market. We understand the difference between the generic language of the industry and true differentiators. We also understand the need to make your positioning consistent and more than a sound bite. We work hard to understand your particular culture and approach because the positioning has to be true to you, not contrived.

We look at your target audiences – what are their needs and attitudes, how are they changing? We look at your market – how are your competitors shaping and explaining what they do and how they do it? We re-examine your offer – what are your services and how do they inter-relate? Finally, we understand and crystallise your most motivating point of difference, and help express this internally and externally.


Up to the Light can:

With the ever increasing competition and diversification of the creative sector, it’s never been more important to differentiate your offering and stand out from the crowd. However, it’s one thing doing it for others, it’s an entirely different scenario doing it for yourself. Jonathan dovetailed perfectly with our team and quickly got to the core ethos of our offering. His writing skills brought our new positioning to life in the first draft and this original platform has acted as a benchmark for everything we’ve done since. Jonathan is a trustworthy catalyst for change who really delivers. I’d recommend him to any agency who wants help defining their point of difference. Keith Forbes, Managing Director, Good Creative
  • Conduct internal and external interviews
  • Plan and facilitate brand workshops
  • Conduct competitive reviews
  • Define your brand positioning
  • Help the positioning live internally and