Many agencies approach to pitching hasn’t altered much over the
years. However, things have moved on. Today’s best pitches are more entertaining, more strongly argued and more dynamic than a few
years ago. They are brilliantly crafted arguments, over and above a
conventional pitch presentation.

Three thoughts for your next pitch:

Ignore the brief

Alright, don't take that too literally. However, it may interest you to know that around 70% of clients we interview about pitches say that the winner went against the brief in some way. large or small. So, don't be limited by the brief. Be brave and think beyond it. The client doesn't always know what they want. You are the expert.

What's your argument?

Clients want to know what you think. If you are fifteen minutes into your pitch and you are still covering credentials and re-confirming the brief, then it's too late. State your big thought at the outset. The rest of the pitch is an argument to prove that assertion.

Be remembered

You naturally want to show off your insight and thinking, but be wary of raising more questions than you answer. Clients are looking for clarity and direction, so don't leave them confused. After the client has seen three agency presentations he/she needs to be able to say, 'Ah yes, they were the ones that said...' Remember, there is no such thing as several big points - they simply become several little ones.

We can work with you on an individual pitch to help ensure you win, or re-evaluate your whole approach to pitching so that you maximize your chances every time. We can also interview clients on your behalf where you have lost pitches. These ‘lost pitch interviews’ are invaluable in terms of gaining honest assessments of shortcomings, and are an extremely useful continuing source of information for us about what clients are looking for in pitches.


Up to the Light can:

Jonathan has invaluable insight into the relationship between agencies and clients. His views are founded in genuine knowledge and he applies them with great skill. Steve Pearce, Client Services Director, Imagination
  • Act as a pitch partner to help you win your next big pitch.
  • Review your overall approach to pitching.
  • Interview clients where you have lost pitches and gain greater understanding.